Technology timeline

By Lily.P
  • Period: to

    Technology timeline

  • Video cassette recorder

    Video cassette recorder
    To recorder videos and records sound
  • First silicon chip

    First silicon chip
    A microchip to put inside your computer
  • computer mouse

    computer mouse
    To control where the mouse on the screen moves
  • Video console

    Video console
    Used to play video games. Games and a sort of control.
  • Email

    An online way of chating to people.
  • Desktop computer

    Desktop computer
    It is a pearsonal computer that is more thin and portible. It is easy to put it on your desk.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    It is where you search things.
  • Digital satellite radio

    Digital satellite radio
    It is how you listen to radio.
  • iphone

    It is a type of touch screen phone that is made by the apple company.