Technology Timeline

  • My first Gameboy

    My first Gameboy
  • First used a computer for school

    First used a computer for school
  • Gameboy Color

    Gameboy Color
  • First CD player

    First CD player
    Sony Model D-E301 Discman
    only played classic rock!
  • Palm Zire

    Palm Zire
    This is the device that started my obsision with mobile computing
    2 MB of storage
    16 MHz CPU
    monochrome resistive touch screen
  • Palm Tungsten E

    Palm Tungsten E
    I used mine as a color touch screen mp3 player as well as an organizer for school. 32 MB of memory (nonvolatile flash memory)
    expandable SD memory up to 2GB (FAT16 )
    backlit color resistive touch screen
    speaker on the back
    126 MHz CPU
    infrared data transmission
    3.5mm head phone jack
  • Palm Tungsten E2

    Palm Tungsten E2
    This was the device that crystallized my obsession with customizing tech. I loved the interface out of the box but nothing compares to making the device exactly what you want it to be. My understanding of computers increased in response to the joy of hacking the E2. 32MB internal (nonvolatile flash memory)
    200Mhz CPU
    backlit resistive touch screen
    infrared data transmitter
    speaker on the back + 3.5mm headphone jack
    Bluetooth 1.0 data transmission

    Expandable SD memory up to 1.5GB
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    A nothing special SANYO sc200 speakerphone. (Dual-wielding a cell phone and a PDA, those were the days)!
  • First smartphone Sprint Palm Treo 700p

    First smartphone Sprint Palm Treo 700p
    This thing was built like a tank. running the last revision of the PalmOS. this was the golden age of smartphones in that you didn't need a data plan in order to use them. 312 MHz CPU (overclocked briefly to 520MHz)
    128 MB (only 64MB usable after all the phone software!) internal nonvolital flash memory
    expandable SD memory up to 4GB SDHC (initial FAT32)
    led backlit front facing keyboard
    blue tooth 1.2
    rear speaker
    1.3MP rear facing camera
    masive 1800mAh battery
  • First Laptop

    First Laptop
    everyone needs a computer for college right? HP Pavilion dv2500
    1.8Ghz amd CPU
    1.3MP front facing webcam
  • Second smartphone Palm Pre

    Second smartphone Palm Pre
    launch day palm pre running webOS 1.4.5 rearfacing 3.0MP camera
    500MHz CPU (overclocked to 1GHz!)
    256MB of RAM
    portrait slider keyboard
  • Second laptop

    Second laptop
    HP Pavilion G62 17" WLED screen
    intel core i3 quad core CPU @2.27GHz
    4GB DDR3 RAM
  • first intall of Linux

    first intall of Linux
    It's so cute! Puppy linux (live disk Operating System) small ~150MB
    can live on a USB Flashdrive
  • ubuntu 10.04

    ubuntu 10.04
    It's free you know you want to... Finally an OS that understands my needs!
  • First Camera

    First Camera
    A simple point-and-click for a simple man. Sony Cyber-shot

    4x optical zoom
  • Made my own puppy linux iso

    Made my own puppy linux iso
    It is a private version i made as a backup in case things go south. Wait, why use linux you say?
  • First tablet

    First tablet
    HP Touchpad running webOS 3.0 dual core 1.5GHZ CPU (overclocked to 1.75GHz both cores)
    1GB DDR3 RAM
    16GB internal memory
    50GB cloud storage