Technology Timeline

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    Technology Timeline

    HOPE you enjoy the good the bad and the ugly of this Technology Timeline from 1950 - 2012
  • Credit Card Invention

    Credit Card Invention
    The first credit card (Diners) was invented by Ralph Schneider. Its initial intention was to pay restaurant bills. Customers could eat anywhere on there Diners credit card and not have a bill until the end of the month. Imagine eating basically free for one whole month!!! Makes me hungry just thinking about it!
  • Power Steering Invention

    Francis W. Davis introduced power steering in 1926 but it wasn't until 30 years later that it was actually used by Chrysler Imperial under the name "hydraguide". Why would I want to drive a vehicle with augmented steering effort of the steering wheel?! I guess it would help me build some extra muscle :)
  • Video Tape Recorder Invention

    Video Tape Recorder Invention
    Charles Ginsburg inveted the first Video Tape Recorder (VTR). It captured live images from television cameras by converting the information into electrical impulses and saving the infromation on a magnetic tape. ( Don't get me wrong I love my vcr to death, but who wants to fast forward and rewind for like 10 mins to get to your favorite part of a movie ohhh Blue Ray please hurry and be invented!
  • Oral Contraceptives Invented - the pill

    Margaret Sanger underwrote the research necessary to create the first human birth control pill while Frank Colton invented it. Let's bow our heads for a moment and thank GOD for them both!...AMEN
  • Sputnk I

    History of SatelliteThank God for the Soviet Union's launching of the first artifical satellite that took 98 minutes to go around the world LOL! It was the size of basketball (I like basketball so I guess that's cool) but yes GREAT AMERICA does it once again, launching a satellite that actually carried humans rather than interpertations of the beep-beep-beep sounds!
  • Seat Belt invention

    Seat Belt invention
    Seat belts are for lame-o's you say? WRONG! Seat belts which were first introduced as standard equipment by Volvo by keeping the occupant from hitting objects in the car, being ejected from the car and very possibly DYING! don't wear one if you don't want but be sure to be aware: CLICK IT, TICKET or possibly even DEATH...YIKES!
  • Countertop Microwave Oven Invented

    Amana Corporation introduced the first countertop microwave oven. Their popularity for reheating previously cooked food or cooking vegetables quickly is amazing! We live in a world of instant gratification and this is definitely topping the charts.
  • Computer Mouse invented

    Computer Mouse invented
    The computer mouse was invented by Douglas Englebert. He invented and contributed to teleconferencing, internet, email, groupware, hypermedia and windows. Douglas Englebert thank you for making my computer user friendly :)
  • Floppy Disk invention

    IBM introduced the first memory disk. Alan Schugart invented this 8inch disk that could only hold 80kb of memory...ummm thanks Alan, I guess I'll save my ONE picture to my floppy for just ONE part of my project.
  • Cell Phone invented

    Cell Phone invented
    cell phoneDr. Martin Cooper made the first call on his mobile device to his rival Joel Engel. Talk time was only 30 minutes and it took 10 hours to charge...ummm i'd rather put a quarter in the pay phone thanks! :)
  • Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner Invention

    James DysonJames Dyson--my hero. Vacuum cleaner bag getting clogged or losing suction? NOT MINE, because i have the bagless, cylonic vacuum cleaner by Dyson! Get it, Enjoy it, Love it because it works! :)
  • Sony Walkman invention

    Sooo what would you do without the walkman today huh? What would you do without listening to favorite music while riding your bike or walking to the bus station? Kozo Ohsone has dedicated his life to us by giving us the incredible walkman that probably stops everytime you run over a speed bump. What would I do without it you say? Very likely I'd buy and ipod! ;)
  • Apple Macintosh

    Apple Macintosh
    Steve Jobs created the first Apple Macintosh but was also the former president of pepsi-cola. CPU speed: 8MHZ in comparison to today's 3GHZ which is very possibly 3000 tmes faster than the first MAC. Computers today on average have a duo core with some having up to 8 cores!! This is why: "I'm a PC and Windows 7 was MY IDEA" :)
  • Disposable Camera Invention

    Disposable cameraIn Japan the first disposable camera was sold for 1380 yen and companies like Konica, Canon and Nikon wanted to stay compettitve and therfore produced their own models. Disposable cameras can come in handy at weddings, accidents, underwater adventures etc. But seriously, nobody uses hard copy photos anymore it's 2012, guess you gotta start somewhere LOL!
  • World Wide Web invented

    Tim Berners Lee created all the internet protocol i.e. HTTP, HTML, WWW. My and your internet daddy helped to create a way to make webpages and service software.
  • Global Positioning System Invention

    GPS systemsWhat did we do before GPS systems? OH yea!! folding maps from the gas station - road trip neccessites and don't let me rent a car from Hertz and didn't come with it...Hertz would be out for the count! GPS systems provide critical capabilities for military, civil and commercial use. Garmin has led GPS systems all across the board. SO let go of the fold up map people and get on board to a new and exciting world!
  • Viagra invented

    viagaraViagra was first created for erectile dysfunction in 1998. Pfizer pharmaceuticals had hundreds of inventors involved in its creation. ONE BILLION dollars in sales were made in viagara's first year of production.
  • YouTube invention

    YouTube invention
    youtubeSteve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim invented YouTube. It was founded as a destination to watch and share original videos. Once sold to google the inventors became millionaires. The first video was titled, "me at the zoo"...sounds pretty interesting -_-
  • Nintendo Wii invention released

    Nintendo Wii invention released
    One of the best home video consoles was realeased by Nintendo as its fifth one for families to enjoy. The wireless controller did catch my eye, however boy do I miss my Atari LOL! The Wii which is successor to Nintendo's GameCube now competes with Xbox360 by Microsoft and Sony's Playstation. I'm pretty sure Microsoft is coming out on top, but keep hope alive Nintendo!
  • Flat Panel Television

    Flat Panel Television
    Still have the box tv? Time to upgrade yourself with the flat panel television by the plasma pionneers of Panasonoic or Pioneer. Samsung, Hitachi and others made larger flat screens, but about 12 years ago what were you watching your favorite shows on?