Technology Project

  • Charles Babbage

    Charles Babbage
    Charles Babbage was an English mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer who originated the concept of a programmable computer. Babbage is credited with inventing the first mechanical computer and also called '' the father of computers''. In 1824, Babbage won the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society "for his invention of an engine for calculating mathematical and astronomical tables". His work in mathematics changed the world forever.
  • Ada Lovelace (Analytic Engine)

    Ada Lovelace (Analytic Engine)
    Ada Lovelace is widely recognized as the world's first female computer programmer. she was born December 10th 1815. She developed the first machine algorithm for a computer that was only on paper at the time. She added her own observations to a translation of a Charles Babbage invention post. The most revolutionary feature was the ability to change its function by changing the instructions on punched cards. Her invention, the first coding algorithm, had a major impact on modern computer science.
  • Alan Turing

    Alan Turing
    Alan Turing was a British computer scientist, mathematician, crypt analyst and ultra distance runner. He was highly influential for the development of computer science and for providing formalization for concepts algorithm and computation with the Turing machine,
    which is considered one of the first computers of the history. During the Second World War, The historian and wartime code breaker , created a crypt analysis device known as the 'bombe' that broke the Nazi code of Enigma.
  • Douglas Engelbart

    Douglas Engelbart
    Douglas Engelbart was an American computer developer and inventor who is best known for creating the first computer mouse and hypertext. On the 9th of December 1968, at the fall joint computer conference in San Francisco, he demonstrated the device with the mouse for the very first time.
    Douglas' invention of the electronic mouse had a significant influence on today's technology world and really advanced computer technology. Many peoples lives have been made simpler as a result of his invention.
  • Steve Wozniak

    Steve Wozniak
    Steve Wozniak was born in 1950 and is an electronics engineer and programmer. Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple II which was very important in the development of computing. It is a microcomputer product that can be explained as a 8-bit home computer. Apple II could interpreter and support graphics and a color monitor. The Apple II had a big impact on the technology industry because it made the role of microcomputers in our society more important leading to development.
  • Pat(rick) Hanrahan - computer graphics researcher

    Pat(rick) Hanrahan - computer graphics researcher
    Patrick Hanrahan is a computer graphics expert at Stanford University, the Canon USA Professor of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering in the Computer Graphics Laboratory. Rendering algorithms, graphics processing units, scientific illustration and visualization are all the main areas of interest in his study.He has won several awards, including the Turing Award for 2019. He is highly influential for the computer science and movie animations of Pixar due to his knowledge of visualization.
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
    Bill gates as most of us known is the creator of Microsoft. Gates was known for his intelligence & creativity. He had an early interest in software and began programming computers at only 13 . While Bill was still a Harvard student, he wrote a version of programming language BASIC for the Altair microcomputer. He believed there should be computer in every office desk & in every home. In 1973 gates and his friend Paul Allen formed an operating system called micro computer software (Microsoft).
  • Tim Burners-Lee

    Tim Burners-Lee
    Tim Burners-Lee is an English computer scientist. He was born in 1955 and is mostly famous for being the inventor of the World Wide Web. It's also known as the The Web and is used for sharing information and communicating over the internet as well. This has made it a lot easier to access important information in just a few clicks. The information system has a substantial role in our society today and many things wouldn't function today as they did without it.