Technology Project - 1600 through 1700

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  • Jamestown was established

    Jamestown was established
  • Quebec was founded

    This city was under the leadership of Samuel de Champlain and provided a foothold for New France.
  • Santa Fe was established

  • The first tobacco

    The first tobacco was planted in Virginia, it quickly grew and became a cash crop.
  • The first slaves brought to Jamestown

    The first slaves brought to Jamestown
  • The House of burgesses is formed

    The House of burgesses is formed
  • Plymouth Colony was founded

  • Good Friday Assult

  • New Amsterdam was established

  • Period: to

    Puritan revolution

  • Staple act

    This made it so all European goods must pass through England. The act was practically made just for the purpose of getting more money
  • Plantation duty act

    Colonial merchants pay a duty on enumerated articles shipped from one colony to another.
  • The beginning of King Philip's war

  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion
    It supposedly started over a pig. Thomas Mathew was in debt and when he didn't pay, they took his pigs. This "theft" then sparked riots and so on.
  • The ending of King Philip's war

  • Monmouth’s rebellion

    The Monmouth Rebellion was an attempt to overthrow James II, who had become King of England, Scotland, and Ireland upon the death of his elder brother Charles II.
  • Period: to

    Glorious revolution

  • Salem witch trials

    Salem witch trials
    People were said to be doing supernatural things, and many believed they were witches, so they held trials, and many innocent lives were killed. But some admitted to being a witch.