Technology Project 3: 1600-1700

By bsims
  • Jamestown, Virginia is founded

    Jamestown, Virginia is founded
    Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. It was located on the northern bank of the James River.
  • First Slaves Are Brought To America

    First Slaves Are Brought To America
    The first slaves were brought to Jamestown in 1619. They were brought over by the British after being taken from a captured Portuguese ship. The first group of slaves consisted of about 20 slaves.
  • Pilgrims Land On Plymouth Rock

    Pilgrims Land On Plymouth Rock
    After a 66-day long voyage, the Mayflower landed in America. The Pilgrims that the ship brought founded Plymouth Colony. Plymouth Colony is located in today's Massachusetts.
  • Slavery Begins In Maryland

    Slavery Begins In Maryland
    The first slaves in Maryland were brought to St. Mary's City. There were 13 brought originally. Slavery in Maryland would exist until November 1, 1864.
  • Maryland Toleration Act is Passed

    Maryland Toleration Act is Passed
    The Maryland Toleration Act granted religious freedom in the colony of Maryland. The interesting part is that it gave this freedom only to different persuasions of Christianity. This act also outlawed blasphemy of God's name. It seems a little bit ironic if you ask me. The same act granting supposed "religious freedom" also outlawed blasphemy.
  • Navigation Act of 1651

    Navigation Act of 1651
    The Navigation Act was passed by Parliament as a means of ensuring England's self-sufficiency. This law restricted colonial trade to England and decreased their dependence on foreign goods.
  • Virginia's Hereditary Slave Law Passed

    Virginia's Hereditary Slave Law Passed
    This law declared that in the colonies, a child born to an enslaved woman was automatically a slave for life. In England, a child's status was determined by the status of their father. This law created more slaves in the colonies.
  • French Colonization of Texas

    French Colonization of Texas
    French explorer Robert Cavalier de La Salle started the colonization of Texas with the establishment of a fort in southeastern Texas. This was the first settlement of the French Colonization in Texas. The colony existed for a short period of time, only lasting until 1688. During this time, it faced challenges such as disease, Native American raids, and harsh weather conditions.
  • Massachusetts Becomes First Colony To Issue Paper Money

    Massachusetts Becomes First Colony To Issue Paper Money
    In the colonies, soldiers were typically payed in coins. Because of a currency shortage, the soldiers had to be issued temporary IOUs. With no other form of payment available, Massachusetts created a paper currency to pay the soldiers with.
  • Salem Witch Trials Begin

    Salem Witch Trials Begin
    The Salem Witch Trials were a series of cases of people accused of practicing witchcraft in the Massachusetts colony. More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft during this time period. Thirty of these people were found guilty, and 19 of them were executed by hanging. Despite popular belief, men were also prosecuted during the Witch Trials, not just women.
  • Salem Witch Trials End

    The Salem Witch Trials ended in 1693 after the governor of Salem heard that his own wife had been accused of practicing witchcraft.