Technology Progression

  • Cordless Tools

    Cordless Tools
    There were now power drills that could be cordless. This changed the lives of construction workers as they didn't have to be in a certain range of an outlet to use their powered tools instead they just needed batteries.
  • Unimate Robot

    Unimate Robot
    The first ever industrial robot was introduced to the world in 1961. This was pretty much a mechanical arm that helped put stuff together and helped with the production of things.
  • Telstar

    First communication satellite created. Allowed for TV communication between the United States and Europe. It was only actively working for about 7 months because of altitude failure.
  • LED

    This is the light source that is generated when current flows through it. We4 use this in our computer and phone screens and it also is used as light source in light bulbs.

    This was created to make it so people could directly communicate with their computers through a keyboard. This made it easier interact with the computer and became a computing staple.