Technology Progression 2000-2010

By valrosa
  • Ipod

    People were able to have any music they wanted, downloaded and able to be played at any time they wanted. This was a huge upgrade to the cd player.
  • Tablet

    People were able to research, play games, etc. at their convenience when/where they please. Easier for children and cheaper for people.
  • Nintendo Wii

    We were able to interact with the tv, on a sensor, playing a game. It changed the way we play video games, including the graphics and design.
  • Kindle

    People were able to read on the go, anywhere and anytime. They were able to have any book they want, at the tip of their hand, and even be able to have it read to them.
  • Iphone

    The first iphone allowed people to really dive into apps like social media, listen to unlimited music, take pictures, and text/call all in one. This paved the way for what we expect in a cellphone.