Technology over time: music

  • Cassetes

    Cassettes were in style. Cassette tapes are made of polyester type plastic film with a magnetic coating
  • Portable CD players

    Portable CD players
    Cd players were being sold. A portable cd player is a portable audio player used to play compact discs.
  • Mini disc player

    Mini disc player
    The first mini disc was sold in early 1990
  • Flash based mp3

    Flash based mp3
    The flash based mp3 was sold, for the first time in late 1990's
  • Walkman

    The walkman similar to the flash based mp3 was made.
  • Ipod touch

    Ipod touch
    The Ipod touch was made.
  • IPhone

    The Iphone4 was made.
  • Ipod5

    The Ipod 5 was made and sold.