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Technology: Laptops

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  • First Laptop.

    First Laptop.
    10.7kg, easier to move around than a PC.
  • Second Laptop

    Second Laptop
    Lighter than the first one, bigger screen,
  • Toshiba Laptop

    Toshiba Laptop
    Getting lighter and lighter, bigger screen, speakers.
  • Compaq N1015v

    Compaq N1015v
    Easier to move around than a PC. Speakers are loud.
  • Lenovo x300 Thinkpad

    Lenovo x300 Thinkpad
    Faster. More internet connection.
  • Macbook Air

    Macbook Air
    The first generation of the MacBook Air was released on the 15th of January, but the newest generation was released on July 20th 2011.
  • Sony Vaio

    Sony Vaio
    Bigger. Stylish. Higher storage capacity.
  • Samsung nc10

    Samsung nc10
    Lighter, faster, smaller.
  • Gateway NV5x

    Gateway NV5x
    Sleek, stylish, loud speakers.
  • Asus ux21

    Asus ux21
    Similar to MacBook Air.