Technology in the Past

  • Period: to

    Timespan for Technology

  • Printer

    Allows you to print off stuff from your computer
  • Record Player

    Record Player
    A music song player in the 19-20th Century
  • USB

    A small memory stick that can save documents to be opened in other computers
  • DVD Disc

    DVD Disc
    A DVD inserted into a DVD Player to watch long movies
  • Octopus Card

    Octopus Card
    A card to use when on buses and MTR instead of money/coins
  • PS2

    A game console for home use
  • PSP

    A game console portable when going out. Small and easy to handle
  • Lenovo G560

    Lenovo G560
    An ordinary laptop with high speed when browsing the web
  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    A touch-screen phone with smart intelligence. First touchscreen mobile phone. Model 4
  • Galaxy Tab

    Galaxy Tab
    A touch screen pad released after the iPad 1.Has Internet with fast speeds