Technology in the 1980's

By um hi
  • First IBM-PC was invented

    First IBM-PC was invented
    The IBM company manufactured the first IBM-PC (Personal Computer)
  • Human Growth Hormone invented

    The Human Growth Hormone was genetically engineered to make people grow faster
  • Apple Lisa invented

    Apple Lisa invented
    Apple invented their first PC (personal computer)
  • Soft Contact Lenses are invented

    Soft Contact Lenses are invented
    Soft Contact Lenses are like glasses that you put on your eyes and are very popular
  • Cabbage Patch Kids

    Cabbage Patch Kids
    Cabbage Patch Kids are a type of baby doll that became very popular
  • CD-ROM invented

    CD-ROM invented
    classic CDs were invented bringing music to a whole new level
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft Windows was invented. We use this for most of our school writing assignments
  • Disposable Camera

    Disposable Camera
    A disposable camera is a camera that, when all the film has been used, you can throw it away.
  • 3D Video Game

    3D Video Game
    The first 3-dimensional video game was released in 1987
  • Cell Phones

    Cell Phones
    The first cell phone was invented. These are phones that do not use the landline.
  • Doppler Radar

    Doppler Radar (which we use today) was invented by Christian Andreas Doppler
  • HD TV

    High Definition Television was invented