Technology History

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    Technology History

  • TV

    The purpose of the TV is to watch movies and programs. It is used mainly for entertainment.
  • Laptop

    The laptop is used for searching things on the internet, playing games, projects and work related purposes.
  • Digital Camera

    Digital Camera
    The camera is used for viewing and taking photographs of people or a certain thing. It can be used to record videos as well.
  • Casio Watch

    Casio Watch
    The Casio watch is used for mainly checking the time but it also has other functions like a stopwatch or timer.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    The Xbox 360 is used for entertainment and playing games. You play games using an Xbox controller.
  • Sony Ericson PSP

    Sony Ericson PSP
    The PSP is similar to the DS.lite and is used to play games and entertain people.
  • Wii

    The Wii is similar to the Xbox 360. It’s used to play games on and you control it with a Wii remote.
  • Nintendo DS.Lite

    Nintendo DS.Lite
    The NDS is used to entertain people with games that it can store on its memory.
  • Samsung Galaxy

    Samsung Galaxy
    The Samsung Galaxy is a phone that you can download games on, take pictures with and use it to call people.
  • Xbox Kinect

    Xbox Kinect
    Kinect is a part of Xbox 360 but is very different. Instead of controlling it with a remote or controller, you control it with your body.