• Cell Phone

    I was gifted my first cell phone at the age of 21! It was one of those big heavy black block phones! I was excited and thought I was just so cool!
  • Iphone

    I purchased my first Iphone. I was new to apple so I didn't know much about it! All I knew is call and text! I had to ask my kids how to work the different functions! Till this day I still ask them what things do, or how to do different things!
  • Laptop

    I was gifted my first laptop because I started school! I was excited and had a laptop at an old age!
  • IPad

    My husband also gifted me an Ipad. I still have to ask my kids about the apple functions! I really don't use it much, I figure my iphone and laptop are enough. My grandsons use it most for their movies or games!