Technology development

  • Computer

    I remember my family had gotten a family computer and I was allowed to just play on it. And I would go on there and watch youtube and I would play club penguin.
  • Playstation 3

    Playstation 3
    In 2011 I remember my dad bought a PlayStation 3 and we were only had like 5 games and my favorite was a family guy back to the multiverse. I remember playing call of duty games and it was so weird playing with people online because before I didn’t get how it could connect to the internet at the time.
  • Iphone 5 And Ipad 3

    Iphone 5 And Ipad 3
    For Christmas, I got one of my parent’s old iPhone 5’s and an Ipad mini 3. And it was just crazy to have a computer on me all the time. And it was fun to watch youtube and tv on the go. And I tried using my Ipad recently and I fully believe that apple slows down their old devices because it would take like 20 seconds to load a video
  • 3DS

    For Christmas, I wanted a 3ds and Pokemon moon and I got that for Christmas and it was so fun going online and trading pokemon from different regions. Like I remember getting ditto from France and I thought that it was crazy I got someone’s pokemon from a whole different country
  • Nintendo switch

    Nintendo switch
    I got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and I think it is my favorite technology piece ever because of how fun and convenient it is and it’s crazy that I can make friends through a video game.