Technology Decade Assignment The 50's

By khamis
  • 1950 The first credit card

    The first credit card was made out of cardboard and looked like the credit card from the picture. They were first used in 1950 in 27 New York restaurants, called Diners Club. This invention was a big impact on the average American and after one year, 20,000 Americans owned a cardboard credit card.
  • 1951 super gule

    Super glue is an invention from 1951 and was invented by Harry Coover and Fred Joyner. They were researchers at Eastman-Kodak and were trying to develop a new plastic for the war and they accidentally invented the super glue.
  • 1952 Airbag

    He applied the airbag invention in the Navy when he was repairing a torpedo with a canvas covering. This reminded him of an airbag because when the compressed air was released it quickly inflated the canvas shooting it to the ceiling. He was able to patent his design on August 5, 1952.
  • 1952 wiffle ball

    In 1953, David N. Mullany was watching his 12-year-old son and some friends playing a baseball-like game with a perforated plastic golf ball and a broomstick in their Fairfield, CT, backyard. The boys were trying to sneak pitches past each other by throwing curveballs and sliders but to no avail.