Technology Changes in My Life

  • I'm born!

    I was born today!
  • I first remember playing computer games.

    We had a sheet of paper next to the computer that told us the commands to type in (since we were using DOS) and I played a game where I was a bus driver and had to pick up kids at their bus stops.
  • I stick a Now'N'Later in the phone.

    I stuck a chewed up Now'N'Later in our phone (the little holes you speak into) because I thought it could go to the other end of the line.
  • We got our first answering machine.

  • Period: to

    Dad's car has a car phone

    My dad's car had a built-in car phone.
  • Typing class at school

    We had to take typing class in fifth grade and covered our hands with pieces of cloth so we couldn't see the keys.
  • The U.S. Canada border really beefs up security with cameras.

    We cross the border often to visit family - and they went from having about 2 cameras per station to around 8.
  • We got rid of our round-dial phone.

    We got rid of our round-dial phone because my mom said it would take too long to dial 911 if we ever needed to. I think she just wanted a new cordless phone.
  • I got my iPod for Christmas this year.

    This was the second generation iPod (no color screen, spin wheel, whtie only) and it still works.
  • I got my sister's old cell phone

    My sister went to college in a different country so her cell phone wouldn't work, so I got to use it from then on.
  • Signed up for my Facebook account.

  • I bought my first laptop.

    I bought my laptop for college with my graduation money.
  • My laptop's CPU dies.

    My laptop dies and I'm in the market for a new one.