Technology Advances in the 90's

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  • First web browser

    First web browser
    WorldWideWeb becomes the first web browser created by Tim Berners-Lee.
  • Windows 3.0

    Windows 3.0
    In May, Microsoft launched Windows 3.0. It is said that this is the first version that was widley accepted by computer users. The development team is pictured above (Left to right: Chip Anderson, Bob Gunderson, Craig Critchley, Aaron Reynolds, Clark Cyr (side of head/ear visible), Paul Travis (navy shirt and white socks), Tim Gerken, Chris Shaffer, Ty Carlson, Lisa Cram, Greg Lowney, and Randy Gerl.)
  • IBM invents a new laptop

    IBM invents a new laptop
    The IBM ThinkPad 700C is released. Not only was it the first of its kind with its distinctive design, it was also had an IBM customized processor which was unheard of in 1992.
  • MP3 file format published

    MP3 file format published
    The MP3 file format becomes officially publishes. Developed by the Fraunhofer Society , this combination of different types of audio layering, this file format was the foundation of the technology we still use today.
  • Netscape and javascript

    Netscape and javascript
    Netscape 2.0 was the first web browser to use javascript for enhanced webpage development , Invented by Brendan Eich in 1995, javascript gave Netscape a competitive edge over Microsoft.