Technology 2010 - 2020

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    Technology 2010 - 2020

    Technology has been developing rapidly since the early 2000s. I have chosen to highlight a few of the developments I consider to be more notable from 2010 - 2022.
    Although I'm highlighting notable technological developments, I will shamelessly admit that most of the developments I chose I have a personal bias towards. So take my highlights with a grain of salt.
  • Instagram launched

    Instagram launched
    Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media application that was launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom. Instagram managed to rack up 25,000 users in one day. Instagram provides a way for users to connect online and share media with each other.
  • First Chromebooks Released

    First Chromebooks Released
    The first Chromebooks for sale, by Acer Inc. and Samsung, were announced at the Google conference in May 2011 and began shipping on June 15, 2011. Jeff Nelson was the first person to make a “Chromebook' in the Google Company. The Chromebook is similar to a laptop in use, and is excellent for online browsing and is a great place for creating documents.
  • Wii U Released

    Wii U Released
    On September 13 2012, Nintendo announced that the Wii U would launch in Japan on December 8 2012. Later that day, Nintendo announced that the North American launch date would be November 18 2012. The Wii U was developed by Nintendo IRD, NTD with the involvement of Miyamoto. The Wii U was a gaming console, the second generation of he Wii U, and allowed for a variety of games and entertainment.
  • Xbox One Released

    Xbox One Released
    Xbox One, the successor to the Xbox 360, was announced on May 21 2013. The Xbox One was the first console part of the third generation of Xbox consoles. The Xbox One was released across North America, several European markets, Australia, and New Zealand on November 22 2013. The Xbox One was developed by Microsoft. The Xbox One was created for entertainment purposes.
  • Apple Watch Released

    Apple Watch Released
    The Apple Watch was released in April 2015. Jony Ive, then Apple's chief designer, reportedly started working on the Watch in 2011. He's said that it took three years to go from idea to product. The Apple Watch allows users to Text, make calls, and listen to music. And with available cellular, you can do it all without your phone, even when you're out of the country. It makes leaving your phone behind something you can do on purpose.
  • AirPods Released

    AirPods Released
    The AirPods wireless headphones were first introduced alongside the iPhone 7 in September 2016, and they became available to customers on December 19, 2016 after being delayed. AirPods were developed by Apple, and have been the choice of headphones for many users due to their comfort and ease of use.
  • Nintendo Switch Released

    Nintendo Switch Released
    The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console developed by Nintendo and released worldwide in most regions on March 3 2017. The console itself is a tablet that can either be docked for use as a home console or used as a portable device, making it a hybrid console. Yoshiaki Koizumi, deputy general manager of the Entertainment Planning and Development Division at Nintendo, oversaw the Switch's creation. The Nintendo Switch was created for entertainment purposes.
  • HP Metal Jet Released

    HP Metal Jet Released
    At the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show, HP Inc. launched HP Metal Jet, the world's most advanced 3D printing technology for the high volume manufacturing of production grade metal parts. The HP Metal Jet printers can precisely place up to 630 million nanogram-sized drops per second of a liquid binding agent onto a powder bed to define a part's cross-section layer by layer. In other words, these 3d printers can mass produce 3d metal constructs quickly.
  • Disney+ Released

    Disney+ Released
    Disney+ was launched on November 12 2019, in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands, and expanded to Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico a week later. Disney+ is a video streaming service provided by the Walt Disney Company and allows users to access entertainment provided by Disney.
  • Oculus Quest 2 Released

    Oculus Quest 2 Released
    Meta Quest 2 (initially sold as Oculus Quest 2) is a virtual reality (VR) headset developed by Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook, Inc.). It was unveiled on September 16, 2020, and released on October 13. The Oculus Quest 2 is mainly used for entertainment purposes and has a varied selection of games available. However there maybe other applications for Virtual Reality technology.