Technology - 1999 - 2011

  • Xbox

    The Xbox is a technologically advanced game console, one of the first of its kind. Released by Microsoft.
  • iPod Nano Gen 1

    iPod Nano Gen 1
    A personal Mp3 player that you can download music to, with a compatible screen. The iPod Nano was the first MP3 player with a click wheel to acsess music.
  • Blu Ray

    Blu Ray
    A different kind of DVD player, but discs containing higher definition
  • Wii

    A Wii is a game console that uses physical movement to operate, you hold the controller and play using physical movement.
  • Kindle

    A personal book reader with text as electric ink to stop the screen from reflecting sunlight or man-made light.
  • iPhone 3G

    iPhone 3G
    A very nice touch screen smart phone, with music and applications.
  • Robotic Surgery

    Robotic Surgery
    Designed to minimize human error in surgery. A surgeon is given a screen and some electronic gloves which are attached to a machine that minimized human error when performing surgery.
  • Wireless Headphones

    Wireless Headphones
    Headphones which don't have a wire.
  • Samsung 3D TV

    Samsung 3D TV
    A television that you can watch in 3D, you use glasses to watch, and watch it like its real.
  • iPad

    The iPad is a mix between an iPhone and a laptop, with a big touch screen. Released by Apple.