By Jbalani
  • Period: to

    1950-2012 Technology Timeline

  • Computer Hard Disk

    This was a storage device and this particular one stored data from an airplane.
  • First Computer Mouse

    This is yoused to move the pointer on a computer.
  • Barcode Scanner

    This is used to scan something out of a shop so they know its gone/bought.
  • First Video Game (Pong)

    This is used for entertainment purposes and this game is still played now
  • First Cell Phone

    This was used for a portable device (somehow it was portable).
  • First 3d Video Game

    Thiis was used for entertainment purposes and was 3D
  • Ipod

    This was used as a device which you can listen to music or play games on.
  • Xbox

    This is a device for entertainment with good quality and connected to your T.V.
  • PSP

    This is a device used for entertainment purposes which has great graphics as well as it being handheld and portable.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

    This is a device kind of like an ipad and is portbale and can be used for either work or entertainment.