Technological inventions/ innovations in the 2000's

By Mlucy
  • USB Flash Drives invented by Trek 2000

    USB replaced the need for floppy disks giving one the ability to back up information and files on a more travel friendly device.
  • Nintendo's - Gameboy Advance

    The Gameboy Advance offered a back lit screen and color for handheld portable gaming. It had longer hours of battery life and a more ergonomic shape.
  • Apple iPod

    The Apple iPod really vamped up the MP3 player experience by offering more capabilities, screen sizes, colors, and music capacity.
  • PlayStation Portable (PSP)

    This advancement offered higher resolution for portable gaming. It also offered other multimedia features like video and audio playback.
  • YouTube by Google

    YouTube provided the ability to upload videos online for private and public viewing. This innovation soon became a method of sharing information by users making instructional and informative videos. YouTube was also a mode for making and sharing entertainment.