Technological Advances in Human History

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  • 3,500 BCE

    The Domestication of Horses

    The Domestication of Horses
    Ever since the earliest recorded domestication, horses have been influential in travel, war, and the labor force as they provide great strengths for all three tasks.
  • -424 BCE

    Magnifying Lenses

    Magnifying Lenses
    It may seem irrelevant but the use of magnifying lenses in science over the course of human history has allowed advancements in viewing stars and galaxies as well as looking and observing our living cells.
  • -206 BCE


    First used by the Chinese in divination, the magnetic metal compass revolutionized navigation for sailors to dignify distinct locations and positioning across the barren seas.
  • -118 BCE

    Paper Currency

    Paper Currency
    As coins and goods have been used as a form of currency for years, the invention of systematic paper currency marked a bold new era where currency could purchase goods and services despite having no intrinsic value.
  • Mar 7, 1440

    Printing Press

    Printing Press
    The invention of the printing press allowed large scale manuscripts to be mass produced and printed/sold around the world at a faster rate. In addition to reading, the printing press revolutionized our knowledge on alloy pressing to further improve factory work.
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    Transportation today would have not existed if it hadn't been for the creation of the Steam Engine as it would soon improve transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing forever and would initially spark the Industrial Revolution.
  • Telegraph

    The invention of the telegraph paved the road for new further advancements in information storage and transportation.
  • Steel Mass Production

    Steel Mass Production
    Although the production of steel tools goes back thousands of years, the widespread mass production of steel was triggered in the 1850s and composes the majority of our bridges and roads today.
  • The Electrical Light

    The Electrical Light
    The creation of the electrical light not only allowed us to no longer rely on daylight but also allowed us to make great advancements in electrical wiring in home appliances.
  • Antibiotics

    The accidental discovery of the bacteria Penicillin sparked the new age of antibiotics to fight off deadly viruses before they become too lethal to cure.