Technolgoy: Smart Boards

  • Whats a Smart Board?

    Jamie-Lee comes up with the idea of a smart board.
  • Grand Opening

    The first Smart Board interactive whiteboard was introduced in 1991.
  • Upgrade

    Most Smart Board interactive whiteboards register only one touch at a time however, in June 2009, Smart Technologies introduced their first dual-touch interactive whiteboard.
  • Not so long ago

    In October 2010, Smart Technologies introduced the Smart Board 800 series interactive whiteboard, a line of multitouch, multiuser interactive whiteboards.
  • Wow! Thats a low price!

    In December 2010, Smart introduced the lower cost Smart Board 400 series interactive whiteboard which only available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Mexico and parts of North America. Around $1,500