Tech Timeline

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  • Z1 Computer Invented

    Z1 Computer Invented
    First computer that was freely programmable using binary code.
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer Mouse
    I chose this event because it is a big part of making the computer easy to use.
  • ARPAnet

    This event is important because it was the foundation for the internet we have today.
  • First Video Game

    First Video Game
    This event is important because it was a big advancement in entertainment technology.
  • First Personal Computer

    First Personal Computer
    This is important because it made computers more accessible to the common public.
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    This is a big event because it made it so users didn't have to type each command and could just use drop down menus instead.
  • World WIde Web

    World WIde Web
    This is an imporant event because it was the first time the world wide web was released to the public which made it able for people to see webpages with media and navigate them through hyperlinks.
  • Google is created

    Google is created
    This is a big event because, like YAHOO, Google is the main search engine people use to find things on the internet.
  • iPod and iTunes Created

    iPod and iTunes Created
    The iPod became the most popular mp3 player and iTunes drastically changed the music industry
  • YouTube Created

    YouTube Created
    It is important because it was the first video sharing site