TBT Timeline

  • Period: to

    Hitler's life

    At first he wanted to be an artist after that failed he ended up going into politics and started the Nazi Party, was sent to prison where he wrote Mein Kampf. Later in his life he lead the Nazis in WWII and the Führer.
  • Hitler Youth & League of German Girls

    Hitler Youth & League of German Girls
    The date shown is when the Hitler Youth was created. The Hitler Youth was created to indoctrinate the children of the next generation and form them into the future of the Nazi party. The League of German Girls also was seeking the same goal.
  • Communism

    This date represent when the Nazi party, lead by Hitler out voted his opponent in the election. The main opponent was the communist party. Hitler was definitely not a fan of communism this is because communism prioritized class above nation or race, whereas Hitler had his beliefs more toward the latter of that, focussing on race and religion.
  • Period: to

    Nazi camps

    Nazi camps came in a couple of different forms some much more dangerous and grueling than others, also all the different types of camps held different types of prisoners. Some containing POW's, and others Jews. In total there were more than 44,000 different Nazi camps during the second world war.
  • Period: to

    The Holocaust

    Was the massive slaughter of millions of Jews and others in Europe.
  • Book burning in Nazi Germany

    Book burning in Nazi Germany
    People in Germany were burning books with "UnGerman" ideas.
  • Nuremberg Race Laws

    Nuremberg Race Laws
    The Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935 deprived German Jews of their rights of citizenship, giving them the status of "subjects" in Hitler's Reich. The laws also made it forbidden for Jews to marry or have sexual relations with Aryans or to employ young Aryan women as household help.
  • Jesse Owens and The Olympics

    Jesse Owens and The Olympics
    This date refers to the Olympics in which Jesse Owens took gold, beating out a Nazi competitor. The importance of this was because Hitler thought that having many Germans win the matches would bring light to the "power and strength" of the country under his rule.
  • kristallnacht

    A massive, coordinated attack on Jews throughout the German Reich on the night of November 9, 1938, into the next day.
  • Ghettos in WWII

    Ghettos in WWII
    The date shown shows when the first ghetto was made in WWII. There were 3 separate types of ghettos during WWII but they all shared one thing in common and that being that the living conditions were terrible for all of them. The largest ghetto was the Warsaw ghetto and it also had the largest revolt occur in it.