Taylor Swift

  • Wins Artist Of the year awards

    On december thirteenth, Taylor swift won the title artist of teyear for country music awards. this is important becuse this is a big honor to be awarded to anyone!
  • Taylor swift Preforming song "Sparks Fly"

    taylor swift after being clamed as artist of the year she came out with her new hit single "sparks fly". witch her cd sold over one hundredthousand copies. this song is important becuse she wrote this song as a motavater in her young carrer.
  • Taylor swift is youngest country singer.

    Taylor swift went down in the book as country musics youngest country music singer to win the award artist of the year. this is imoortant becuse no one of her age has ever been a huge sucessfull singer, let alopne to win the music awards title best artist of the year.