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Tangled Up in Animation

  • All begins

    All begins
    It all began with hundreds of story sketches.
  • Hair Simulation

    Hair Simulation
    70ft. of hair = Very complicated!
  • Rough Animation

    Rough Animation
    This is the step in animation where the actors finally come in and do what they do best!
  • Writing the Hair Software

    Writing the Hair Software
    In most animated movies the character's hair is rarely touched. It was very complicated to get 70ft of hair to be tossed and wrapped around people and objects.
  • Clay Kaytis talks about the realistic CG film.

    Clay Kaytis talks about the realistic CG film.
    Clay Kaytis has been working for Disney Animation Studios for a long time. He talks about how the animatd characters inTangled are much more realistic than the majority of CG characters.
  • Hair and Texture Finalization

    Hair and Texture Finalization
    This step involved doing the final touchups on the texture of the hair and clothing on every character.
  • Final Color!

    Final Color!
    Everything comes together.
  • Glen Keane

    Keane talks about how hard it was to get the characters to to have "rythm, expression, tilt and fexiblitity."
  • It's Arrival!

    It's Arrival!
    It finally made it to theatres after all of the hard work!
  • Video Recap 1

  • Video Recap 2