TAKS Timeline

  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    Granted rights to both Nobles and Freemen.
  • Roanoke

    Roanoke was the 1st attempted colony in America. It is known as the Lost Colony.
  • Jamestown founded

    Jamestown was the 1st permanent settlement in the "New World."
  • The House of Burgesses

    The House of Burgesses was the 1st Repersentative Assembly in the Colonies.
  • The M.C.

    The M.C. was the first agreement to form a self-goverment in the Colonies.
  • R.I. Founded

    R.I. was founded by Roger Williams for religious freedom.
  • The N.A.

    Were passed by England to regulate colonial commerce to suit English needs.
  • Bacons Rebellion

    Bacon and his followers rebelled against the Massachsetts government when a war against the Native Americans was declined.
  • PA Founded

    William Penn founded Pennsylvania for religious tolerance.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    People were accused of being witches and put on trial.