Taken At Dusk by C. C. Hunter, fiction, 380 pages.

By ja_bear
  • Chapters 1-2, pages 1-17, total 584

    In the first two chapters, it re-introduces the main character, Kylie Galen, and starts off with Kylie meeting her dads real parents. She then starts to dwell more and more on her conflicted feelinsgs about Lucas and Derek.
  • Chapters 3-7, pages 18-60, total 626

    In these chapters, Kylie finds out that the grandparents she met ere imposterers and she still doesnt know what exactly she is though she keeps discovering that her new gifts are growing quickly. She continues to be try to chose between Lucas and Derek, both of which she has undeniable feelings for.
  • Chapter 7-10, pages 60-122, total 688

    In these chapters, Kylie finds out that Derek kissed another girl while he was away and so she makes a deal with her bestfriend, Della, that she will ive Lucas a chance.
  • Chapters 10-13, pages 122- 194, total 760

    In these chapters Kylie grows closer and closer to lucas, she grows further and further from finding out who her ghost is and what she is.
  • Chapters 14-16, pages 194-268, total 834

    In these pages, Kylie is getting closer to danger as her ghost is being secretive and she is getting all kinds of signs that the vampire who tried to kill her is nearby.
  • Chapters 17-End, 268-380, total 946

    In the last chapters, Kylie finds out that the ghost was her real grandmother and her father comes back to tell her what she really is. Mario is back to try to kill her or turn her evil and she finds out that Derek loves her just before her and Lucas get into a big fight.