Take Me To The River by Will Hobbs

  • Exposition

    On April 1, Cousins Rio and Dylan set out on an adventure down the Rio Grande by the Texas and Mexican border.
  • Period: to

    Take Me To The River by Will Hobbs

  • Rising Action

    When Hurrican Dolly comes full force at Rio and Dylan while they are traveling and they find out that Diego was kidnapped and the kidnapper is still out there looking for Rio, Dylan, and Diego so he can get Diego back.
    Flashback- This is the second time Rio and Dylan have seen Diego and Carlos, the first time they saw them Rio and Dylan just hepled them out and gave them some food because they havn't eaten in days and then they all went their seprate ways.
  • Climax

    When Rio,Dylan, and Diego go off in the river for the day and Rio and Dylan turn round to find out that Carlos the kidnapper had Diego gunner at the head and he makes Rio and Dylan take them to a ranch that they don't know anything about.
  • Falling Action

    When Rio,Dylan, and Diego are navigating their way through the Rio Grande with Carlos and they are coming up to a rapid and they yell jump but the only person who jumps is Carlos and he gets injured by logs and they never see his again.
  • Resolution

    They row for the next few miles untill they reach an area that has food and they relpenish themselves from not eating all day and a helicopter comes and picks them up and takes them back home.
  • Theme

    http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7524260-take-me-to-the-river' >Book Review</a> Adventures lead to discoveries- I chose this theme because when Rio and Dylan go off on the adventure they come out with a discovery that Diego who they saw earleir in the book was not just a kid going to see his mom, he was a kid who got kidnapped and was stuck with Carlos the kidnapper and then the second time Rio and Dylan saw Diego they did something about it and freed Diego from the kidnapper.