Taiwanese History Group 1

By b6cb
  • Pre-1600s

    The Malay-Polynesians settle on the island and names it 'Pakan' Island.
  • The Dutch

    The Dutch
    The Dutch settled in Tainan, the southern part of Formosa. They established a fortress named Zeelandia.
  • The Spanish

    The Spanish
    The Spanish built a fortress in the northen part of Formosa, but then later they got defeated by the Dutch.
  • Ming Dynasty

    Ming Dynasty
    After they defeated the Dutch, they ruled Formosa for 10 years, until the Ching Dynasty defeated them.Ming goverment abolished the garrison station and abandoned the Pescardores.Having to hear the arrival of the dutch fleet,the Ming government immediately sent troops to force The Dutches out of Penghu Island.
  • End Of Dutch Occupation

    End Of Dutch Occupation
    In 1662, the Dutch left Pakan after they were defeated by the Ming Dynasty.
  • The Ching Dynasty

    The Ching Dynasty
    On July 8 1683 The mainlanders took over Penghu. The Ching Dynasty were not happy about retaining Taiwan but They were still a part of China.
  • The Portuguese

    The Portuguese
    The Portuguese sailed past the island and the crew exclaimed "Ihal Formosa!" which ment beautiful island,and it remained the same name for over 4 centuries.
  • Japanese Occupation

    Japanese Occupation
    The japanese occupation started just after they won the Sino war against the Ching dynasty.They ruled for a long time.
  • The end of the Japanese Occupation

    The end of the Japanese Occupation
    The Japanese defeated the Japanese and the era ended.
  • Period: to

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