System Engineer

Timeline created by ThunderStrike
  • Origin

    This carrer was originated by the fusion of 2 engineer departments (Communication Enginner, Transmision Engineer)
  • His Own Name

    His Own Name
    This year this Job have his own name and was official a carrer. The person who give the name was Melvin J. Kelly
  • Compúters Everywhere

    Compúters Everywhere
    In this Year the computer was a good thing in every company and this was a good movement for this career
  • Period: to

    Digital Era

    In this timelapse the computers are esencial items in the life of a lot of people. There is a strong demand for engineers and this gives rise to technology in the workplace
  • Period: to


    Well Actually a lot of hardware has a lot of updates and upgrades. Today is more easy learn about "How to build ur own computer or Progammation"