Syrian Uprising Events

Timeline created by sofis
  • 22 killed

    22 killed
    Protesting for freedom became a deadly and fearful scene in Dera. Protestors got closer to the capital and said that the armed forces started shooting at them leaving 22 dead and several wounded. Syrian citizens just want to have freedom not fear. President Bashaar al-Ssad tried pleasing the people by making some changes within his people but the citizens were not pleased. They are tired of the corruption. They no longer want to have fear but rather be free to be themselves.
  • Armed forces against eachother

    Armed forces against eachother
    Armed forces are suppose to protect citizens and keep them safe. Well this wasnt the case for two syrian soldiers who didnt want to shoot at their people. They got shot for protecting their people. Although the deaths keep rising president Bashar al-ssad cant seem to please his people. Protestors won't be satisfied until he provides freedom and puts an end to the decades-old emergency laws.
  • savage war

    savage war
    Pleading for help, the demascus people are scared of how many more victims are going to be killed. with tanks in the streets, troops carrying weapons people are scared of being killed, The UN and EU are working out an agreement to help syrian citizens. The killings cant continue without anyone trying to help. Its only been 5 weeks and about 500 people have been killed. People call syria a savage war. Things just keep getting worse. People cant continue to live with fear.
  • EU steps in Syria

    EU steps in Syria
    The EU decided to step into action. They took a step forward into helpig Syrian citizens. The EU will not mess with Bashar al-Assad but rather just agree on various sanctions on 13 of the presidents security. EU are scared that if they do something to the syrian president conflicts might become a problem with the EU and others who are trying to help Syria. 13 officials have been targeted for all the deaths and problems caused in Syria.
  • turkey and others take action

    turkey and others take action
    After 5 months of complete bloodshed, Turkeys president,Ahmet Davatugo paid a visit to syrian president. Turkey and damascus had close ties. Countries are trying to send a message to Assad that ruling his country with violence isnt okay. About 1700 people have died in this regime. Other countries are concerned for the safety of syrian citizens and they will try to end this corruption.