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  • The Conflict Starts

    The Conflict Starts
    Calm protests between the Syrian Government and it's people had been going for over a month now. The Government overreacted then. They started arresting and eliminating their people. They started trorturing the people that they captured and were violent. Since the conflcit started over 100,000 people have been killed.
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  • Army Tanks

    Army Tanks
    Army's from the Syrian Government move into assorted citiies in Syria. Presdident Assad announces realease of all prisoners that the government has held.
  • The Conflict Grows

    The Conflict Grows
    The government said that in the northwestern town of Jisr al-Shughour 120 members of the security forces have been killed by “armed gangs”. More than 10,000 people flee to the neighboring country Turkey, while troops encircle the town. President Assad vows to start a “national dialogue” on redesign.
  • United Nations

    United Nations
    Newly created Syrian National Council says it has made a common front with other countries and oppostion countries who have allied against them in the past.
  • The president talks

    The president talks
    The president tells his government that they face "real war" indicating the authorties conviction that the conflict will be long lasting and require help from other countries.
  • The bombing starts

    The bombing starts
    After the rebels seize control, Syrian warplanes bomb the northern city of Raqqa. US and Britain say that they will aid the rebels in a non-military way, and Britain and France offer lifting European Union arms embargo. Rebel National Coalition choose Ghassan Hitto as interim “prime minister”.
  • Syrian Government

    Syrian Government
    In a leader take-over, George Sabra, the interin figure, is leader of
    syrian alliance combat.
  • Chemical Warfare

    Chemical Warfare
    The rebels said that Assad used chemical warfare and he killed 300 people near the city of Damascus. The Syrian Government then turns it around and blames the rebels for doing it as well. US President Barack Obama says a "limited" strike is needed to degrade Damascus' chemical weapons capability. Russia and China warn against any attack on Syria.
  • Russia Gets Involved

    Russia Gets Involved Russia gets involved with the war. They are one of Syria's strongest allies.
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