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  • The Star Spangled Banner is composed

    The poem was set to John Stafford Smith's tune, "The Anacreontic Song."
  • Period: to

    The Native Americans relocated to reservations on the Trail of Tears

    It was a series of forced relocations that took the Native Americans away from their home and onto reservations out west. This was part of the Indian Removal Act signed my President Jackson.
  • Slave Songs of the United States is published

    It is significant because it was a compilation of 136 slave songs/ spirituals that were not known before
  • Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag is published

  • WC Handy St. Louis Blues

    It was one of the first blues songs to succeed as a pop song. It was also one of the first songs to follow the standard blues form
  • First Cajun song that was recorded

    The song was called, "Allons à Lafayette."
  • Kate Smith records "God Bless America"

  • Marian Anderson sings at the Lincoln Memorial

  • Bluegrass appears

    It started in the Appalachian region
  • Duke Ellington writes "Cottontail"

  • Woodie Guthrie records "This Land is Your Land."

    He recorded it in 1944, but it was not published until 1945
  • Folk Song U.S.A.: the 111 Best American Ballads by Alan Lomax is published

    This book, compiled by Alan Lomax is significant because he compiled and recorded a vast array of American folk music. He also brought them into the spotlight by broadcasting them on the radio and hosting concerts
  • Alan Freed (year he coined "Rock and Roll")

  • We Shall Overcome is adopted by the Civil Rights Movement

  • Miles Davis' Kind of Blue album is relesed

    This album is regarded by many Jazz critics as one of the best jazz albums of all time
  • Beach Boys write "Good Vibrations"

  • Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album is released

  • Dolly Parton "Coat of Many Colors" (song) is released

  • Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" is released

  • "Walk This Way" Video (Aerosmith and Run DMC)