summer of 2012

By noelb
  • First day of summer

    First day of summer
    First day of no shcool. Sleep til like noon. Got to hang out with friends.Went swimming with friends.
  • on my dad's week end's

    on my dad's week end's
    hang out at his house Firday nights. Go horseback riding. Go to his work for ice cream on saturday mornings.Go swimming on saturday nights. Come back on Sundays.
  • 4 of july

    4 of july
    Went to my mom's friend's house. Had food, it was great. Got to bring my friend Karaha. Then it was time for fireworks!!!!
  • adventureland

    went to see brady's sister.went shopping on saturday.Adventureland on sunday!!! The ride I liked the most was the Tornado.
  • zoo trip

    zoo trip
    Went to the zoo with my boyfriend and his family.we went into the sand pit. saw the bears get feed. then went to get ice cream.
  • school shopping

    school shopping
    sioux center walmart. bought school stuff.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    First day back and get to sit in health for two hours. Then got our comptures.Went to other classes. Walked home from school.