Sugar Changed the World

  • "Chaw"

    Mr. Wickham first introduces tea to Europe. The only people who knew about tea, or "chaw" as Wickham called it, were people who went over seas such as merchants or people who worked in India, China, or Japan. The Europeans developed a fondness of the beverage and it became a well know drink in the country. Because of the bitter taste of tea, Europe bought thousands of pounds of sugar to sweeten their tea.
  • Identical Sugar Substance

    Andraeas Marggraf, a German scientist, cut up dried parsnips, then mashed them into a powder. Then he did the same thing with beets. He mixed the chemicals elementts that made the powders sweet, and they ended up being the exact same as sugar from cane.
  • The Spherical Trade

    The Sperical Trade was an elaborate trading system where Europe, North America, India, Africa, France, New England and several more countries would trade things such as sugar, fabric, slaves, etc.
  • Sugar Act

    As the Molasses Act ends, the prime minister of England decides to put a Sugar Act into effect. This act is made for the purpose of preventing the American colonists from smuggling, and to make them pay their sugar taxes. The colonists are outraged because of the taxation without representation, so this Sugar Act starts to make the colonists question Parliaments control.
  • Fire to the Sugar Fields

    The commanders from the richest sugar plantations in Saint Domingue met and decided the would rebell against the white owners. THey stood up for what they knew was right. So they decided to set fire to the sugar fields, smash mills, destroy warehouses, They demolished some one thousand sugar plantations.Two years after the commanders met and discussed the importance of freedom, France thought it was no use opposing such a strong force, and so Paris agreed that all men are created equal.
  • Largest Slave Revolt

    Charles Deslonded leads what is sometimes called the "lmvushed plantations largest slave revolt in U.S. history". He and many slaves ambushed plantations and attempted to attack New Orleans. Although they were stopped, and the rebellion failed, it was remebered as a great fight for freedom and a well-executed battle for equality.
  • Inspired Workers

    John Smith, an English preacher, began to inspire thousands of slaves with his sermons. They began to believe in the teachings of God and the bible. They understood how the teachings related to their present situations. They began to rebell for their rights and told the govenor of the colony that they wanted to be treated equally.
  • Slaves Freed

    After the British Guianan rebellion, the Emancipation Bill was passed. this made slavery illegal in Engalnd. So on August 1, 1838, all slaves were to be freed.
  • Saccharine

    Chemists created a substance they called saccharine. It is several hundred times sweeter than ordinary sugar. It is still used in some foods we eat today. It is in high-fructose corn syrup, fructose, and Splenda.
  • Gandhi

    Mohandas K. Gandhi fought for the indentured servants. He was a great lawyer who proved that indentured servants and slaves were basically the same. He was hated for trying to help the indentured servants.