• May 23, 1580

    first sub

    The very first sub was invented by william bourne.
  • leonardo da vincis sub

    The next sub was made by leonardo da vici. It was bilt in 1620.
  • englands first sub

    Dutchman CORNELIUS DREBBEL, hired in 1603 as "court inventor" for James I of England, built what seems to have been the first working submarine. According to accounts, some of which may have been written by people who actually saw the submarine, it was a decked-over rowboat, propelled by twelve oarsmen, which made a submerged journey down the Thames River at a depth of about fifteen feet.
  • france joins the race

    French priest MARIN MERSENNE theorized that a submarine should be made of copper, cylindrical in shape to better withstand pressure and with pointed ends both for streamlining and to permit reversing course without having to turn around. Pressure? For every foot of depth, water pressure increases about half a pound per square inch (PSI).
  • netherlands start building semi-sub rams

    The 72-foot-long "Rotterdam Boat," designed by a Frenchman (named DE SON) was probably the first underwater vessel specifically built (by the council of the Southern Netherlands) to attack an enemy (the English Navy). This almost submarine – a semi-submerged ram – was supposed to sneak up unobserved and punch a hole in an enemy ship. The designer boasted that it could cross the English Channel and back in a day, and sink a hundred ships along the way.
  • revolution sub

    Another sub was invented in 1776. By davide bushnell.
  • civil war subs

    Two submarines were made during the civil war.
  • when u-boats attack

    The u-boat was the nazis sub during world war two.
  • nuclear sub

    the first nuclear sub was built in 1954.