Vietnam era

  • Japan and French Loose controll

    Japan had surrendered during war. Ho chi minh had organized a revolt against French control and won.
  • Brown vs Board of Education

    This is a huge case in Supreme Court and was one of the stepping stones for equal rights.
  • Indo China war

    Vietnam had forced French to surrender and french had lost control over Vietnam.
  • Eisenhower Sends Military

    Eisenhower decided to send military into South Vietnam. This was to protect them from North Vietnam.
  • Gulf of Tonkin

    North Vietnam torpedoed US boats that were actually destroyers.
  • Viet Cong attacks

    In this attack Viet Cong had attacked an Us army base in Pleiku South Vietnam, killing 8 americans.
  • MLK Jr. Assassinated

    Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Tennessee. His death caused mass riots everywhere.
  • JFK assinated

    JFK was a liked president and because of his death Lyndon B Johnson came to office.
  • Nixon Elected to Office

    When Nixon was elected to office he was elected by the silent majority.
  • Vietnam War Inflation

    The Vietnam war caused mass inflation and caused for lots of unemployment and a freeze was put on payments.
  • Cambodia Attack

    Nixon had decided to send troops to Cambodia mainly just to attack.
  • Economic Issues

    The Vietnam War spending led to economic issues in america and cause inflation, pay cuts, and a freeze on payments.
  • Nixons visit to china

    Doing this, Nixon is trying to improve our relations with with China.
  • Nixon and North Vietnam

    This just causes more war and Nixon had just unleashed troops and bombs.
  • Paris Peace Accords signed

    Signing this the US wanted the troops from North Vietnam out of South Vietnam, Us then started bombing but then removed their troops.
  • Troops Taken out of Vietnam

    US troops were finally taken out and sent home from Vietnam.
  • Watergate scandal

    Nixon was proved guilty during this scandal so in cause of this he resigned.
  • Deportation of Democratics

    South Vietnamese citizens were deported to avoid conflicts and thousands were saved because of this.
  • Vietnam Adjustments

    During the Vietnam war the Americans had been completely devastated by the death total.
  • South Vietnam Falls To Communism

    South Vietnam had fell to the control of communist control of North Vietnam.