students with exceptionalities

By jwes36
  • P.A.R.C v Pennsylvania

    This case laid the framework for IDEA. " “Expert testimony in this action indicates that all mentally retarded persons are capable of benefitting from a program of education and training. It is the Commonwealth’s obligation to place each mentally retarded child in a free, public program of education and training appropriate to the child’s capacity.” This is, in part, the framework for FAPE and the IDEA."(Forte 2017). P.A.R.C. was very important for children with disabilities.
  • Individuals With Disabilites Education Act

    This Individuals With Disabilities Education Act is a law that was passed that guaranteed the right for all children regardless of disabilities a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. This helped millions of children get an education.
  • Hong vs Doe

    In Hong vs. Doe The Supreme Court dealt with the explosion of a child based on actions that stemmed from his disability. The Court created the ten day rule in response to this case. This allows the school to only suspend a child for up to ten days without parent consent or or intervention from the court. This protects the children from being removed from school based on actions stemming from their disabilities.
  • Timothy W. vs. Rochester, New Hampshire, School District

    In the case of Timothy W. the District Court held that a child with severe disabilities and profound handicaps were not eligible for special education. The decision was overturned by the First Circuit and the zero reject policy was put into place. This ensures that the students with severe disabilities and handicaps are not denied education.
  • Americans With Disabilities Act

    The Americans With Disabilities Act is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination because of a persons disability. This law makes sure that everyone regardless of disabilities has the same rights as everyone else. The ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) ensures that the students will not be discriminated against at school because of their disabilities.