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Greenspire Student Electives and Clubs

  • Chess club

    Chess club
    The first year at Greenspire included an afterschool chess club. It was parent ran and most of the students in the school participated. The students learned tactics and how to play chess. They evan had tournaments, where students got to play against each other.
  • Awareness Trail

    Awareness Trail
    Awareness Trail is an outdoor elective at Greenspire taught by Corey Hansen a teacher at Greenspire! The students that were in Awareness Trail participated in sit spots and other
    outdoor activities. This class has taken place every year at Greenspire School.
  • Computer Club

    Computer Club
    The Greenspire Computer Club was an after school club on Tuesdays. Students leaned about computer usage. This time could be used for open work or researching on school computers. The computer club was for students who were staying late or whose parent’s hadn't picked them up yet. Students didn’t have to sign up for the computer club to be in it.
  • Lego League

    Lego League
    Lego League was a club that The Greenspire School started in 2011. Greenspire teams, the Robo Unicorns and the Mad Scientists entered in the competition. Both teams performed great. The Robo Unicorns made it to the state finales, the Mad Scientists also did good a job, winning the alternate position. After these events the students who won would be congratulated on their victory by adults when they went out in public.
  • Yoga

    Yoga was an elective that took place for two years at the Greenspire school. The students would attend yoga classes on electives day and learn about yoga and the wellbeing of your body.
  • Ski Club

    Ski Club
    The Greenspire Ski Program is where Greenspire students and their siblings would get a ski pass so they could go skiing on Fridays afterschool. The ski pass would give the kids discount on all meals also.The ski program took place at Crystal Mountain.
  • Spelling Bee

    Spelling Bee
    The Greenspire School, at the end of year one put on a school wide Spelling Bee.
  • I.S.

    Independent study was an eight week long study were a student would choose what to study.The student would choose how to present their work also. An independent study could range from studying copepods, to researching the creation of video games.
  • Odyssey of the Mind

    Odyssey of the mind was an after school elective. Students completed a question and made a short play.
  • Sewing

    Sewing was an elective taught at Greenspire. It started in January of 2013. The instructor was Erin Fitzpatrick. In sewing students work on making things by hand or by sewing machine. Normally they made rags, towels, and stitched quilt squares together.
  • Track

    Greenspire Track took place at West Middle School in the spring of 2013 and the spring of 2014. These are the results from a meet they had at Benzie Central Middle School Invitational 7th and 8th Grade: 70 meter dash: First place- Annie Hessler (7th grade) Time: 10.39. 400 meter: 2nd place- Belle Payette (8th grade) Time: 1:08.13.
    They practiced five days a week and participated in meets on the weekends!
  • Greenspire Volleyball

    Greenspire Volleyball
    Greenspire Volleyball was started August 29, 2013 and was coached by Sonja Richards. The first year the team came in fourth and the second year they came in third. Volleyball at Greenspire is run by TCAPS Leap Program and played at TCAPS schools. Greenspire has a great volleyball team.
  • FTC Team

    FTC Team
    The Greenspire robotics team built a robot in the year 2014. The robots task was to pick up blocks and take them to the right destination. The team spent weeks programing,building,designing,and testing their robot. when they were done their robot was perfect. But on competition day it failed on the first try. Howerer, on the second try the team won second place!
  • Pottermore

    Pottermor was an elective where the students did Harry Potter crafts and games. Pottermore was taught by Kelly.
  • Website Class

    Website Class
    Greenspire had a friday class in 2014 where students would work on a Greenspire website that included everything students had done that year.
  • Latin

    Latin is a language elective that teaches middle school kids how to speak and write in Latin. It takes place at Greenspire once a week on Fridays. The class is taught by Mr. Lardy,a Latin teacher . He also informs you on old Roman times! It started in spring of last year and still takes place today.
  • Wild Art

    Wild Art
    Wild art was an elective where we made art based on things from nature. The artist we focused on was Andy Goldsworthy who makes temporary art with ice, rocks, grass and other non permanent things. We created art like his. This elective lasted for half the school year and was really awesome.
  • Book Club

    Book Club
    Greenspire Book Club started April, 2013. Students found short stories or books to read. They would then share their thoughts on the story or book. This was an after school program.
  • Track

    2014 was the second year The Greenspire School had track for the Greenspire students. West and East Traverse City Middle Schools have allowed Greenspire students to participate in events since 2011 when the school opened. The events were the 55 meter hurdles,100 meter hurdles, 55 meter dash,100 meter dash, 400 meter run, 800 meter run,1 600 meter run and 200 meter relay. The Greenspire School is still doing track up to this day.
  • Instrument Making

    Instrument Making
    Musical instrument making was an elective in 2013-14 school year. The students would find different items and make them into instruments with their math teacher, Brian. The students would then try to play theinstruments.
  • After School Art Class

    After School Art Class
    Like the name implies, Greenspire hosted an after school art class. The art class was taught by three different artists that work at Blackbird Arts. The students worked with clay, metal, wood sculpting, drawing, and painting. By the end of the class everyone was greatly in touch with their inner artistry.
  • Woodworking

    This elective was taught by Will Havill and attended by Greenspire students. In woodworking students made birdhouses, shoecleaners, and bike racks for the community. The class was very fun and inspired many young artists.
  • Cursive/Typing

    In the school year of 2012-13, The Greenspire School had a typing and cursive elective. In this elective, students played typing games, and leveled up their typing skills. In cursive, they practiced cursive lettering and words with different activities.
  • The Greenspire Olympics

    The Greenspire Olympics
    Last year, in 2014, our school had a Greenspire Olympics. Our school spent half the day playing kickball, volleyball, capture-the-flag, and Infection. These were friendly competitions between four pods, North, South, East and West. After we played through each of the games on June 10th, the school year was almost over. The Greenspire School Olympics were a great success and almost everyone was able to attend.
  • Improv

    Last year we had a Friday class called improv. In this class, we played different games, including Party Quirks, Funeral, and Words in a Can. This class practiced acting and the ability to not take things so seriously. Improv had a number of teachers, and everyone was encouraged to participate.
  • Gardening Elective

    Gardening Elective
    In gardening elective students would garden. They sometimes sell plants from the greenhouse or give them to the cooking elective to use in their recipes.
  • Journalism

    Journalism is a class where students make a newsletter by writing a column about the school with a partner.
  • Create Your Own Elective

    In Create Your Own Elective Greenpire students chose one big projet of any topic they were interested in. They completed projects their self or with a partner. The class was supervised by Kelly.
  • Coding

    Coding was an elective starting in the 2014-15 school year. In coding we learned JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Cooking Elective

    Cooking Elective
    At The Greenspire School the cooking elective was offered to students.
  • Greenspire Tennis

    Greenspire Tennis
    At Greenspire we had an after school activity called tennis practice. Tennis practice happened in fall from September to mid October, every Monday and Wednesday. Our coach, Tim, taught us the C swing and other moves. Tennis lasted from 4:30 to 5:30 at Tim’s privat court.
  • Sports

    Sports was an electives where students do a different sport every Friday. From october to November they played all sorts of sports in the Greenspire Commans.
  • Sports

    In sports elective students got together every Friday in the first quarter of the school year with Eric to play a variety of sports. Some of the sports we played were: soccer, volleyball, capture-the-flag, Infection and more.
  • Board Games

    Board Games
    In the board games elective kids would come together to play games. This was a time to relax and enjoy a conversation. The teacher of this elective was Eric.
  • Gardening

    Gardening was taught by Corey Hansen. Students planted and many different varieties of plants and vegetables. Then they sold narcissus bulbs at the farmers market.
  • Film Making

    Film Making
    Filming elective was a new elective created by the student Jacob Gale. For film making we created a film that if approved by Grand Traverse Bay Recycling will be a trailor in the 2015 film festival. The names of the skits created were 80’s Ladies, Fabulous and Doctor Recycle.
  • Art

    In art elective we painted and made sculptures.
  • Bird Watching

    Bird Watching
    The bird watching elective was created for identifying and observing birds.The elective was taught by Cory Hansen the P.E. instructor.
  • Period: to


  • Half Day Potluck

    The first school day was a half day. After the half day the school gathered for a potluck.
  • Haunted Forest Fundraiser

    Some of the students joined groups and guests were guided through the commons and were attacked by different scare points.
  • Giving Season: Bone Appetit and Open Mic Night

    Great desserts and great entertainment all in one place! Greenspire will be showcasing TGS students with unique skills
    to share – singing, dancing, juggling, balloon animal making – all talents are welcome! Committee Chair: Tom
  • Giving Season: Puppy Addoption

    The Cherryland Humane Society is partnering with Greenspire to host an animal adoption event! Tell your friends and
    family and help us find our furry friends new lifelong homes!
  • Giving Season: Gamer Night

    Bring your favorite game and game system to TGS (rated Teen or lower please) and enjoy an evening of gaming fun!
    Refreshments provided; the fun is up to you.
  • Giving Season: Caged In

    On Friday, December 11, Greenspire students and staff will spend the night camping at school raise awareness of the plight of the homeless – both human and animal. From 9 pm to 6 am, we will experience the cold of a Northern Michigan night firsthand with few comforts of home. Each student will enlist sponsors to support their efforts!