Straight edge x

Straight Edge Movement

  • Origins of the Movement

    Origins of the Movement
    Many of the charactersitics of what would be know later as straight edge, begin to appear in the lyrics of hard rock and punk bands such as Ted Nugent, and the Modern Lovers.
  • Bent Edge

    Bent Edge
    Opposition to the Sraight Edge movement begins to form in the shape of the Bent Edge movement but only lasted until the end of the 90's.
  • Minor Threat

    Minor Threat
    1980s hardcore punk band Minor Threat releases a song titled "Straight Edge"
  • Straight Edge Emerges

    Straight Edge Emerges
    Straight edge as a lifestyle emerges from the mid-1980s hardcore punk music scene
  • Straight Edge in the US

    Straight Edge in the US
    Straight Edge musics popularity increases exponetially in the US especially in California.
  • Variations of Straight Edge

    Variations of Straight Edge
    Mlitant straight edge became popular. Mlitant straight edge punks were not known for being tolerant. They displayed outward pride, outspokenness, and showed a willingness to resort to violence in order to promote their sub-culture. The militant straight edge individual was characterized by being more conservative and less tolerant of homosexuality and abortion.
  • Move From Punk

    Move From Punk
    Straight Edge bands that heavily promoted veganism, social justice and animal rights began to make a move towards heavy metal music rather than punk.
  • Straight Edge Spreads

    Straight Edge Spreads
    Straight Edge Movement spreads to Northern Europe, South America, and the Middle East
  • Move Towards Non Violence

    Move Towards Non Violence
    Militant Straight Edge Movement dies out. Large majority of straight edge followers consider themesleves non violent
  • Changes

    Growing amount of tolerance of people who do not follow the straight edge lifestyle by straight edge individuals
  • Changes In Musical Styles

    Changes In Musical Styles
    The tolerance for people who did not live the straight edge life style was reflected in a change of lyrical themes and style of music.
  • Mainstream Attention

    Mainstream Attention
    Wwe wrestler Phil Brooks (Cm Punk) brings the straight edge style into the mainstream, having almost 2 million twitter followers and selling the most merchendise in Wwe history
  • Straight Edge Core Values

    Straight Edge Core Values
    1)Clean living- creating an alternative, drug-free environment.
    2)Lifetime commitment- commitment to positive, clean living
    3)Caring relationships- Reserving sex for caring relationships
    4)Self actualization-resisting social standards and expectations
    5)Spreading the message- actively encourage people
    Involvement in progressive causes- becoming involved in social issues to promote a positive outcome