Steven truscott

Steven Trescott

  • Lynn Harper disappeared and was murdered

  • Lynn Harper's body was found

  • Steven Trescott arrested by the OPP in Clinton

  • Truscott was charged with first degree murder

  • Trial for murder of Lynn Harper started, Truscott was tried as a adult

  • The jury returned with a verdict of guilty

  • The date of execution was changed

  • Truscotts death sentence was overturned and commuted to life in prison

  • The Government of Canada referred the Truscott case to the Supreme Court of Canada

  • Steven Truscott released to his parole officer

  • The court declared that Truscott's conviction had been a miscarriage of justice

  • Truscott is acquitted of crime, and is awarded 6.7 million dollars in reperations for his wrongful conviction and time spent in prison.