Stephanie, Keely, Hilary, & Sophia timeline

Timeline created by mrsschnitzervem
  • Event 1

    There was a sound like a roar and something shaped like a meteor up in the sky. The power went off, phones won't work, power mower won't turn on, and the radios gone dead.
  • Event 2

    Everyone was wondering what happened so they went outside to check the streets.
  • Event 3

    Everyone was complaining about their power cutting off and Steve decides to leave town with Charlie to see what was going on.
  • Event 4

    Steve's car won't go on. So, Tommy thinks that the monsters don't want them to leave town because he compares a story to their situation.
  • Event 5

    Tommy explains that only the monsters can leave town. The people in the neighborhood think that Tommy is crazy but Steve believes him.
  • Event 6

    Les Goodman tries to turn his car on like Steve did but it doesn't turn on. When Les Goodman walked away, the car turned on. So, people believed that he is one of the "monsters."
  • Event 7

    He tells them he thinks they're playing a gag on him and when he realized that they're not he goes off on them.
  • Event 8

    Everyone blames each other about who is the "monster" and is coming up with reasons on why.
  • Event 9

    Everyone freaks out about who is the monster even though the monster is unknown.
  • Event 10

    The unknown looks at them up above, watching the people below destroy their families, friendships, and etc. The families on Maple Street doesn't even know that they are up there.