Statue Of liberty!

By 1064157
  • The Dinner

    The Dinner
    This is where the idea for the statue was propased by Edouard Laboulaye.
  • The Plan

    The Plan
    This is when Bartholdi gave the plan of the woman with a torch
  • Blue Prints

    Blue Prints
    The plans were stared
  • The Idea Of Liberty

    The Idea Of Liberty
    The constion began in 1875 to remember your team work in the French revilotion
  • The Gift is Here

    The Gift is Here
    In 1884 it was finnished.It was made of iron and copper butter after years of weather it turned green
  • The Name

    The Name
    The name was orinaly named Liberty and Lighting the world also know as Lady Liberty and know the statue of Liberty