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  • Conversation with Chris Rhyme

  • Domain Name Registered

    Domain Name Registered
  • Working Up At Summit Series

  • Called GoPro (Camera Sponsorship)

    PostLeft a message and got a call back 15 minutes later from GoPro offering 40% off any of their products.
  • Post Summit Series (VIDEO)

    Post Summit Series (VIDEO)
  • GoPro is MaybeSo

    GoPro is MaybeSo
  • Kairos Society NYSE

    Kairos Society NYSE
  • Craig "Lets not kid ourselves"


  • Introducing .President (NPA)

    Introducing .President (NPA)
  • Affecter & Contour Sponsorship Email

  • Diesel "BE STUPID" Video

    Diesel "BE STUPID" Video
  • Prototyping LifeBreath

  • Wireframing LifeTags (by LifeBreath)

    Wireframing LifeTags (by LifeBreath)
  • Avicii!!!

  • Workhouse Capital

    Workhouse Capital
  • Working with the White House

    Working with the White House
  • Not Graduating???

  • Holy Ship!

    Holy Ship!
  • Adopting Startup Island's Wolf

    Adopting Startup Island's Wolf
  • Officespace @ Platinum Motorsports

    Officespace @ Platinum Motorsports
  • Commissioning 99Designs

    Commissioning 99Designs
  • Renting A Spy Satellite

    Renting A Spy Satellite
  • Writing the Manifesto (Business Plan)

    Writing the Manifesto (Business Plan)
  • Y Combinator & Startup Island

    Y Combinator & Startup Island
  • Redbull Supernatural (SPONSORSHIP?)

    Redbull Supernatural (SPONSORSHIP?)
  • The Core of Startup Island

    The Core of Startup Island
  • Founders Stone

    Founders Stone
  • Kickstarter Demo Video

    Kickstarter Demo Video
  • Lauren Wylie Antartica

    Lauren Wylie Antartica
  • The Last Follower

    The Last Follower
  • First Kickstarter "SWAG" Product

    First Kickstarter "SWAG" Product
  • 99Designs Contest Ends

    99Designs Contest Ends
  • The X Factor

    The X Factor