• Launch

    The mission Stardust launched on 2-7-1999. It is important because if it did not launch then it won't be able to take pictures of the planets.
  • Dust

    (February-May, 2000)
    First interstellar dust collection.
    Why is this important? It is important because that first dust will help the scientists learn about were the satellite is and were it is going.
  • Earth gravity assist

    Earth gravity assist
    Earth's closest to Stardust happened on Monday, January 15, 2001
  • Aphelion

    (') Aphelion is the furthest distance from the sun.
  • Dust #2

    Dust #2
    (August-September 2002)
    2nd dust collection. This is important because again the scientists can study were Stardust is.
  • Annefrank

    Annefrank flew by and it was important because it was probably a half point mark so when it passes by they will know we are half way through!
  • commet wild 2

    commet wild 2
    wild 2Wild 2 is a recent arrival to the Jupiter family of comets, having been jostled into its ... as a comet, it is an ancient body carrying information about the early days of ... The Stardust mission flew within 236 kilometers
  • Finish

    on January 15, 2006 Atardust landed along with the two dust collections.
  • Trajectory correction maneuver 28

    Trajectory correction maneuver 28
    was performed nearly flawless on December 28, with less than one-sigma errors in both maneuver magnitude and pointing.
  • Temple 1

    Temple 1
    Comet Temple 1 flys by Stardust on it's second mission.