Stages of The Combine Harvester

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  • The Reaper Machine

    The Reaper Machine
    It started in Scotland in 1826, when Reverend Patrick Bell designed the reaper machine, a large machine that was pushed by horses and used scissors to cut plants. Unfortunately, Bell didn't patent his invention
  • The first Combine Harvester

    The first Combine Harvester
    Hiram Moore invented/designed the very first combine harvester in the United States
  • Self Propelled Harvesters

    Self Propelled Harvesters
    in 1911, the Holt manufacturing company of California produced self-propelled harvesters, which modernised the machinery from using horses to using other machinery.
  • John Deere

    John Deere
    The Case Corporation and John Deere started manufacturing combines that were tractors which also had a second engine with the combine to power it's workings
  • Combine Harvester around Europe

    Combine Harvester around Europe
    In 1952 Claeys (company) launched the first self-propelled harvester in Europe.
  • Claas Lexion 700

    Claas Lexion 700
    The Claas Lexion 700 was a more modern and powerful version of the self-propelled harvesters back in the 2000s due to being created in the early 21st century, the century of technology.