St Rita's 1 to 1 Program

Timeline created by jrossi
  • E-Learner's Meeting

    Begin planning our 1 to 1 roll-out. Discuss with Kim Watson the purchase of school lanyards for each student.
  • 1 to 1 PD Day 1

    Professional Development Day run by Danielle Carter. Attended by Jo Rossi, Marianne Ferguson, Amy Heshusius and Jess Hill.
  • Online booklet

    Jo to research and order the booklet Protecting yourself online. This will be included in our Information Packs to parents.
  • Parent/Student Guideline booklet.

    Amy, Jess and Marianne released to work on booklet and also ICLT agreements that will go home to parents.
  • E-Learner's Meeting

    Discuss storage and hot spot location (library) for charging options and emergency laptops.
    Discuss appropriate furniture.
    Discuss appropriate storage of laptops whilst at school.
    Ordering of laptops...DATE!!! and imaged by DELL!!! Full Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Publisher,MovieMaker, Powerpoint and OneNote.
  • LMS:Life

    Further day to implement our Life pages. Marianne and Jess to be released.
  • 1 to 1 PD Day 2

    2nd day of PD, run by Danielle Carter and attended by Jess, Amy, Marianne and Jo.
  • E-Learner's Meeting

    Finalise and prepare Information Kits for Orientation Day. To include: Parent/Student Guideline Book, ICLT agreement, Lanyard, FAQ's, Parent tips and links to websites, Cover letter outlining the process at the beginning of 2013, Date Claimers.
  • Year 4 Orientation for 2013

    Students introduced to their Year 4 teachers for 2013 and given the Information Kits to go home.
  • Holiday Planning

    Year 4 teachers meet during holidays for planning
  • Classroom Set up.

    Year 4 teachers set up classrooms to accommodate 1 to 1.
  • Accessioning Laptops

    Jo to accession all laptops, and assign barcodes to each student. Label computers and cords, ready for student use.
    Dan Kenyon to help check that all laptops have the programs required.
  • Week 1

    10 minutes of typing practice each day. Set up rules and regulations, consequences: plan for success : from day 1
  • Week 2

    Teach Digital Citizenship.
    Dan to help with the issuing of student usernames and passwords
  • Yr 4 Parent Night

    Parent Information Night with Year 4 teachers.
  • Sign-Off Afternoons (Week 3)

    Feb 11-14, Mon, Tues, Thurs afternoons and Wednesday evening allocated to allow parents to attend sign-off. No computers issued without parent and child signatures. Extra guideline booklets and ICLT agreements available. Check that log-on usernames work.
  • Boot Camp Activity Week 4

    Danielle Carter invited to attend (when it is suitable) to help run some 1 to 1 activities with appropriate computer programs.
    After school with Danielle to work through OneNote.
  • 1:1 Cluster Day SSC

  • Sandpit Play Week

    Download and Sandpit Play Days - Skitch and Thinglink - main tools for Term One - needed for assessment late in term
  • LIFE - LMS

    LIFE- LMS advanced training day with Jodie

    Amy Jess and Marianne + Jo, Dan and Kevin catch up for coffee to see Where are we at? Where to next? Goals for Term 2?
  • LIFE catch up

    Life catch up session with Jodie at school
  • LIFE catch up

    LIFE catch up with Jodie at school